Learn More and VOTE on the Referendum November 8th!

With the Community's Input, We Determined that
a Referendum Will Address These 3 Projects:

#2 Renovate the Johnston Recreation Center
#1 Improve Springield Park Ballfields
#3 Update the Oasis Water Park
Why are we doing this? Why are we asking for a referendum? Bloomingdale Park District has the second lowest tax rate in the area, which gives us a small budget to make repairs and improvements to the amenities you love. You told us these three projects mean the most to you. Funds from this referendum would cover the cost of repairs and upgrades, protecting the amenities that are your highest priorities.

Board Of Commissioners

Buzz Puccio
Andre Burke
Vice President
Karen Johns
Mike Vogl
Jerry Marshall
The Park Board is the legal governing authority through which the business of the District is conducted. Park Commissioners are elected by residents of the District to a six-year term without pay.

Once the Park Board meeting has adjourned, all board members return to their roles as citizens and taxpayers. It is only the Park Board, acting at a legally constituted meeting, which has the authority to establish or change policy, sign agreements or award contracts. The Park Board has appointed a professional executive director to manage the operation of the District on a daily basis.
Board Meetings

The Bloomingdale Park District Park Board meets at 7 p.m. at the Johnston Recreation Center, 172 S. Circle Ave. in Bloomingdale. The public is invited to attend.

Board Agendas & Minutes

Click here to access the latest board agendas and meetings.