Learn More and VOTE on the Referendum November 8th!

With the Community's Input, We Determined that
a Referendum Will Address These 3 Projects:

#2 Renovate the Johnston Recreation Center
#1 Improve Springield Park Ballfields
#3 Update the Oasis Water Park
Why are we doing this? Why are we asking for a referendum? Bloomingdale Park District has the second lowest tax rate in the area, which gives us a small budget to make repairs and improvements to the amenities you love. You told us these three projects mean the most to you. Funds from this referendum would cover the cost of repairs and upgrades, protecting the amenities that are your highest priorities.



Carrie Fullerton
Executive Director
Sandy Vangundy
Director of Recreation
Joe Potts
Director of Parks & Planning
Josh Hendricks
Director of Marketing & Communications
June Fergus
Director of Finance

Information Technology/Safety

Mark Goode
Safety Coordinator

Parks & Planning

Brian Roche
Assistant Director of Parks & Planning
Mike Ratajczak
Facility Maintenance Supervisor
Mike Orlik
Park Operations
Justin Eirich
Park Operations
Tom Shimko
Park Operations
Tania Rodriguez
Parks & Planning Office Assistant


Rebecca Defrancesco
Recreation Supervisor
Jo Peterson
Recreation Supervisor
Chris Tompkins
Athletics & Facilities Supervisor
Liz Serruto
Recreation Supervisor


Kathy Jecmen
Registration & Billing Coordinator