Referendum Update

November, 2017

The Bloomingdale Park District is actively planning the capital projects identified by the community as needing repair and/or improvement based upon the successful referendum in November 2016.     

Updates on the projects and associated work schedules are as follows:

Springfield Park

Improving the Springfield Park ballfields to help prevent widespread flooding of fields and nearby paths remains on schedule. In September alone, the following was completed:

  • Installation of steel edge warning track material retention system and warning track crushed limestone material
  • Asphalt completed between the fields and wetlands
  • Electrical sleeves for concrete prepped
  • Seed/blanket restoration
  • Mid-low infield mix spread into two lifts
  • Shade structure foundations put in place
  • Installation of water line to the ADA and pet-accessible drinking fountain
  • Restoration of the area adjacent to the fire pit

Remaining work to be done includes:

  • Wiring and testing of Musco ballfield and security lighting
  • Installation of the basketball court, standards/hoops, and re-installing light poles and fixtures
  • Installation of sod in all three outfield areas, and the space between the infield mix and the backstops/sideline fencing
  • Landscaping of entire site
  • Installation of flag pole
  • Complete the installation of the irrigation system
  • Installation of site amenities such as: shaded bleachers, player benches, trash/recycling receptacles, foul poles, dugout covers, entry archway, accessible drinking fountain with dog bowl, home plates/bases
  • Construction of batting cages
  • Removal of temporary construction fencing
  • Installation of pavers in the plaza area (Memorial/donation pavers available for purchase from BBSA)

Springfield Park Wetlands

Restoring the shorelines of the wetlands to address non-native, invasive species and improve stormwater management is progressing according to plan.
  • The project includes the chemical and mechanical removal of invasive, non-native species such as cat tails, Phragmites, etc., followed by the establishment of native wetlands and upland species.
  • Wide-area chemical applications have occurred twice to remove the non-native invasive species. This will be followed by mowing down of all the dead invasive species.
  • In the spring of 2018, new plants and seed will be installed while at the same time any emerging non-native species will be removed via chemical/mechanical methods.
  • A controlled burn was held November 8, followed by soil preparation. Seeding/planting and seed blanket to follow.
  • Due to the vulnerability of the new plants, controlled burns will not occur (possibly with the exception of the more established areas) until Fall of 2018 at the earliest.
  • Muskrat trapping may or may not be necessary, but will be monitored during the first growing season. This is included in the contract base bid but may not be necessary.
  • Watering, which is called for in the specs, will not be necessary due to the timing of plantings (this fall and next spring)
  • These processes will be repeated for two to three years until the wetlands are properly restored and the ongoing stewardship begins.

Johnston Recreation Center

Renovating the Johnston Recreation Center to include committed space for active older adult programming, improved early childhood/preschool space, and enhanced security throughout to begin May 2018 with a targeted completion date of Fall 2019.

An Open House for the public to review draft plans of the proposed renovation was held August 26.

The schematic planning phase was scheduled to be completed by the end of October. The design development phase is to be completed after Thanksgiving. Staff is tentatively scheduled to move out of the building at the end of April, with all programs and program staff out of the building by May. June 4, 2018 is a tentative construction start date.

The enhancements to the building include:
  • Secure preschool wing on upper level
  • Programming space for seniors/active adults
  • Improved registration/front desk access
  • Interactive play addition for preschool, rental use and birthday parties
  • Fitness room and fitness equipment
  • Multi-purpose/arts and crafts/kindergarten room(s)
  • Multi-purpose room for 125+ people with adjacent covered patio
  • Updated teaching/concessions kitchen
  • Gymnastic Junior Gym improvements
  • Gymnastics ventilation improvements
  • Improved gymnastics lobby/viewing area
  • Restroom in gymnastics area
  • Gymnasium: motorized divider curtain and basketball hoops
  • Gymnasium lobby/waiting area
  • Additional viewing opportunities from upper level into gymnasium
  • Infrastructure improvements including plumbing, mechanical, electrical (with added efficiencies) and fire sprinkler system
  • Family toilet rooms
  • Toilet room in every preschool room
  • Improved, modernized finishes
  • Additional natural light and skylights
  • Exterior facade improvements
  • And much, much more!

The Oasis Water Park

Updating and/or improving some recreation features at The Oasis Water Park and creation of more deck shade and deck space to begin Fall of 2018 with a targeted completion date of Summer 2019.

As responsible stewards of your tax dollars, we look forward to the completion of these projects so that ball games can be played with minimal interruption, invasive species can be removed from the wetlands, The Oasis Water Park will receive upgrades on outdated equipment, and children and adults alike who attend classes at the recreation center can have adequate space for their education and enjoyment.  

Please be aware that while the Park District attempts to keep disruptions to a minimum, there may be times your favorite class or activity may be temporarily moved to an alternate location. Additionally, delays because of weather and/or other unforeseen circumstances could cause disruptions to the projected timelines.  

Staff is tentatively scheduled to move out of the Johnston Recreation Center at the end of April, with all programs and program staff out of the building by May.

The registration desk, along with Finance & Human Resources, are being relocated to the Museum, 108 S. Bloomingdale Road. Staff will occupy Gallery II with a makeshift front desk situated in the lobby area. Gallery I will continue to remain open for exhibitions and/or rental. This location will serve as the information technology and phone systems hub for the District during the renovation of the JRC.

Recreation department staff, along with marketing and communications as well as some part-time staff, will occupy a small space at Stratford Square Mall. Specifically, storefront F2 upstairs near where Macy’s operated.

An additional programming space at Stratford Square has been added in H23. This space is targeted to begin hosting yoga, martial arts and drama classes in 2018.

Beginning Fall 2018, preschool classes and before and after school for preschool and kindergarten will move to Bloomingdale Church, 264 Glen Ellyn Road in Bloomingdale.

More information on location of classes and programs will be publicized as it becomes available. Stay tuned to and follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).