Virtual Backpack

The Bloomingdale Park District sends informational flyers for electronic distribution via "virtual backpacks" to Dist. 13 (DuJardin Elementary, Erickson Elementary and Westfield Middle School); Dist. 20 (Waterbury Elementary); Dist. 93 (Cloverdale Elementary and Stratford Middle School); and St. Walter and St. Isidore schools.

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BPD Flyers

2014-15 Winter-Spring
Bunny Bash
Days Off of School Programs
Mom & Son Night
Jr. Basketball League
Klub Friday Night Jr. & Youth Trips
Little Chef Cook-Off
Staff Picks - Early Childhood
Staff Picks - Youth Fitness & Sports
Adult Fitness
Adult Aqua Fitness
Adult Trips
Busy Bees & Kids Place
School's Out - January 16
School's Out - January 19
School's Out - January 21
Preschool & Preschool Adventures
Teens & Tweens Trips
Martial Arts
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