Professional Art Quilters Alliance & Civil War Exhibit

Homage to the Civil War

June 27 – August 1

Reception: July 19, between 2-5PM
Gallery I:  PAQA Midwest Art Quilt Challenge
The challenge to members of PAQA (Professional Art Quilters Alliance) was to make an 18-inch square quilt using the theme “The Midwest.” The 25 exhibited quilts consist of a wide range of styles and techniques. All meet the basic definition of a “quilt,” which is three layers of fabric held together by stitching. PAQA consists of approximately 60 members from Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. They meet monthly in Naperville.

Gallery II: Homage to the Civil War  
This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the end of the Civil War. This exhibition honors those soldiers who valiantly fought to save the Union, with an emphasis on those from the Bloomingdale area. Learn about life during the turbulent years of the war. See photographs and biographies of the 75 local men who served. Uniforms, battle maps, drawings of iron-clad warships, camp equipment and home furnishings will be displayed.

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