Learn More and VOTE on the Referendum November 8th!

With the Community's Input, We Determined that
a Referendum Will Address These 3 Projects:

#2 Renovate the Johnston Recreation Center
#1 Improve Springield Park Ballfields
#3 Update the Oasis Water Park
Why are we doing this? Why are we asking for a referendum? Bloomingdale Park District has the second lowest tax rate in the area, which gives us a small budget to make repairs and improvements to the amenities you love. You told us these three projects mean the most to you. Funds from this referendum would cover the cost of repairs and upgrades, protecting the amenities that are your highest priorities.

Parks Foundation

About the Bloomingdale Parks Foundation

The Parks Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping the Park District provide great recreation programs and open space while also assisting individuals to gain access to programs, enhancing current programs and making improvements to all of BPD's parks.

The Foundation was established in 1994 as a not-for-profit organization. Its primary purpose is to develop alternate sources of funding for Bloomingdale Park District facilities and recreation programs, and to provide opportunities for all Park District participants. The Foundation holds a 501-C3 status from the IRS.

Special Events

The Parks Foundation organizes two main events:
  • The Sunrise Shuffle 5K is held in conjunction with Septemberfest and occurs the first Saturday of every September. The race starts and ends at the Johnston Recreation Center.
  • The Holiday Gift Wrap is held every December at Stratford Square Mall. The location is lower level near the food court.


Become a member of the Bloomingdale Parks Foundation and:
  • Support the preservation and improvement of facilities and open space for recreation.
  • Assist those less privileged to participate in park district programs and events.
  • Recognize and support community stewardship.

Board of Directors

Frank Saverino, Jr. - Chair
Rick Tayfel - Treasurer
Gerace Olson
Ann Nebel
Michael Hovde, Jr.
Jerry Marshall - Park Board Representative
Josh Hendricks - Secretary, BPD Director of Marketing & Communications
Carrie Fullerton - Ex-Officio, BPD Executive Director