Referendum Update: March 29, 2017

In the November 2016 election, voters overwhelmingly approved the Bloomingdale Park District’s referendum request to sell bonds to fund repairs and improvements to the Springfield Park ball fields and wetlands, Oasis Water Park and Johnston Recreation Center. Since that time, the Park District has begun planning each of the projects.

Unfortunately, we are unable to begin the work due to a combination of events beyond our control, including a clerical error (giving 33 days of notice rather than 30) by the DuPage County Election Commission and a lawsuit (in which the Bloomingdale Park District is not named) based upon that error that prevents the District from issuing the approved bonds until the lawsuit is fully resolved.

The state legislature and Governor Rauner passed legislation to make it clear that three days extra notice was fine. However, until the lawsuit is completely over, we cannot move forward with selling the bonds to fund the projects.

Please be assured we are doing everything we can to move forward once this situation is resolved. We appreciate your support and your patience during this unfortunate situation.

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Posted March 29, 2017 at 1:24 PM