Chef Pina’s Cooking Class

When: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Where: Lake Park H.S. East

Chef Pina is back in the house! You may remember her from her past life with BPD or from her previous business, Pina’s Culinary Experience (now My Chef Station). Either way, Pina brings her 25 years of cooking and instruction experience at the college level - which earned her a Best Teacher Award from the College of DuPage - back to our kitchen, and cooking enthusiasm back to you. Trained in Italy and Belgium, Pina transports you through the rich history of food in a non-intimidating, fun, and simple way. Participants see, smell, taste, ask questions about, and learn the background of food. Whichever one-night cooking session you choose, you will enjoy a wonderful meal on a night you won’t forget. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, come hungry, and bring a container for leftovers. For more details on individual classes, visit the registration site at

Chef Pina’s Cooking Class is located under Adult General on the registration site.

September 7- Not Just Soup Night

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September 21- Old/New World Pizza

September 28- Fresh Bread Friday

October 5- Comforting Stews

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November 2- Cookies of Italy/USA

November 9- A Seafood Experience

November 16- 4 The Love of Sauce

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December 7- Exciting Vegetarian

December 14- Parent & Child Class