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Gymnastics at a Glance

Intro to Gymnastics
Intro classes are the first levels without parent participation. Focus is on gross motor skills, confidence and independence. Age-appropriate tumbling skills that are introduced include straddle rolls, front & back rolls, donkey kicks and cartwheels. Children are introduced to basic skills on vault, bars, beam and floor and rings for boys. Skill circuits are introduced on all equipment.

Teddy Bears (co-ed) 3 yrs
Grizzly Cubs (boys) 4-5 yrs (pre kindergarten)
Koala Bears (girls) 4-5 yrs (pre kindergarten)
Kodiak Bears (girls) 5-6 yrs (kindergarten)
Grizzly Bears (boys) 5-6 yrs (kindergarten)
Beginners 1 (co-ed) 1st grade & up
Boys 1 1st grade & up

Advanced Gymnastics

(Instructor’s Consent Required)  
With the basic skills learned in the intro classes, more difficult skills are introduced in the advanced levels, including handstands to handstand rolls, one-arm cartwheels to round-offs, back bends to back walkovers, front limbers and cartwheels on low beam. Advanced classes focus on technique, strength, flexibility and advancement of skills in tumbling and on gymnastics equipment. Skill circuits on all equipment are completed in each level.

Polar Bears (girls) 5-6 yrs (kindergarten)
Grizzly Bears (boys) 5-6 yrs (kindergarten)
Beginners 2 (co-ed) 1st grade & up
Beginners 3 (girls) 1st grade & up
Intermediates (girls) 1st grade & up

Competitive Travel Teams

(Instructor’s Consent Required)  
The Beamer Teams are entering their 36th year of the Illinois Park District Gymnastics Conference (IPDGC). Competing teams include Tumbling, Prep Optionals and Optionals. Competitive teams require a year-round commitment. For more information, contact Miss Dawn at (630) 529-3650 or bgc.missdawn@gmail.com.

Tumbling Team 3 & up
Training Team 6 yrs & up
Prep Optionals 6 yrs & up
Optionals 6 yrs & up

Private Gymnastics & Tumbling Lessons

Private gymnastics and tumbling lessons are available on a limited basis on Sundays. Call Jo at (630) 529-3650 to schedule a private lesson. Private gymnastics lessons include four, one-hour lessons. Private tumbling lessons include four, 50-minute lessons. Both include warm-ups, equipment time and conditioning. Private lessons are on a first-come, first-served basis as time slots become available. 

Gymnastics Lessons R/NR: $80/$100
Tumbling Lessons R/NR: $60/$80

From Our Residents
Gymnastics is so fun here!!!! It couldn’t get any better!!!
- Jenny P. | Post-class Gymnastics Survey