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The objective of the Did You Know? campaign is to increase residents' awareness of the Park District's history, values and benefits; what the Museum, park system and individual parks offer; and the potential economic, environmental and personal health incentives that can be attained by being a resident of the Bloomingdale Park District.
  • Did you know the Bloomingdale Park District Museum is available for rental? Ideal for formal gatherings or business meetings, the quaint facility is located in Old Town Bloomingdale. More information on museum rentals can be found here .
  • Did you know the Museum underwent a major restoration in 1998? Along with the addition of an art gallery, much of the original architecture was also restored and refurbished.
  • Did you know Tompkins Park is named after Harold Tompkins, former Superintendent of School District #13? It was originally leased from the school district from 1973-1991 when the Village of Bloomingdale purchased it and deeded it to the Park District. Tompkins Park is 4.5 acres and features a playground, two baseball/softball diamonds, soccer field and is handicap accessible.
  • Did you know Westlake Park was acquired in 1973 and features the Park District's only sled hill? The 13-acre lake is enjoyed by fisherman and boaters, and at 25 acres, it is the Park District's second-largest park.
  • Did you know Stratford Park was purchased in 1986 through an installment agreement and opened in 1989? The 16.0-acre park features a playground, two tennis courts, two baseball/softball diamonds and is handicap accessible.
  • Did you know Sunnyside Park was acquired in 1971, the same time as Indian Lakes Park? Sunnyside is the southernmost park in the District and offers 3.0-acres including a playground, tot lot, two tennis courts and basketball court. The playground underwent a renovation in 2013, and is fully-accessible for ages 5-12.
  • Did you know Tuttle Park is the newest park in the District after being acquired in 2010? At just 0.5 acres, it also is the smallest park in the District.
  • Did you know Springfield Park was dedicated in 1988 and is the largest park in the District at 44.0 acres? Erickson School resides on the west side of the park with residential areas on the east and south sides.
  • Did you know, Springfield Park has 20.0 acres of wetland? The detention basis was planted with wetland and prairie species in 1988, and drainage patterns were created and plants established specifically to restore wetland habitat.
  • Did you know Leslie Park was acquired in 1987 when Giainni Development Co. donated the land? In 1993 a lease agreement with the Village of Bloomingdale was approved, adding an additional six acres. The 9.5-acre park features a .30-mile walking path, playground and is handicap accessible.
  • Did you know Seasons Four Park was acquired in 1975 and is the only park not located in Bloomingdale? Located at 600 Old Farm Road, Seasons Four Park is in Roselle. It offers a .55-mile walking path, playground, tot lot, basketball court, baseball/softball diamond and is handicap accessible.
  • Did you know in 2008 the Park District entered into an agreement with the Village of Bloomingdale to lease Old Town Park for a period of 50 years? It is home to the highly-popular summer concert series and Festival of Lights. It features 1.5 acres, two fountains, a gazebo, concert stage and is handicap accessible.
  • Did you know Lakeview Park underwent a $590,000 remodeling project in 2009-10 that consisted of a new fishing pier, climbing wall, shelter/gazebo and playground structure, and more user-friendly ballfields? Additionally, several areas of the park were restored to their original native existence.
  • Did you know, an Open Space Land Acquisition grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources funded half of the renovation at Lakeview Park?
  • Did you know Patrick Ranallo, a Bloomingdale resident and the owner/president of Aspen Plumbing Company, donated his time and the materials for Lakeview Park's drinking fountain?
  • Did you know Circle Park began as 1.5 acres in 1965? An additional 19 acres were acquired in 1971. The park offers a .35-mile walking path, playground, tot lot, basketball court, football field, three baseball/softball diamonds, two soccer fields and a roller hockey rink.
  • Did you know Erie Park was dedicated in 2007? Located at 354 Erie Circle, the park is .75 acres, handicap accessible and features a playground.
  • Did you know Indian Lakes Park was acquired in 1971 and is named because of its proximity to Hilton/Indian Lakes Resort and Golf Club? The 4.0-acre park has a playground, tennis court, baseball/softball diamond and is handicap accessible.
  • Did you know the Bloomingdale Parks Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping the Park District provide great recreation programs and open space while also assisting individuals to gain access to programs, enhancing current programs and making improvements to all of BPD's parks?
  • Did you know the Foundation was established in 1994 as a not-for-profit organization? It holds a 501-(c)3 status from the IRS.
  • Did you know, the Foundation's primary purpose is to develop alternate sources of funding for Bloomingdale Park District facilities and recreation programs, and to provide opportunities for all Park District participants?
  • Did you know you you can still view the original 1849 ceiling, knotty pine floor and original glass pane windows at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum? The Museum was built in 1849 as the First Baptist Church of Christ.
    Did you know the Bloomingdale Park District museum was sold to the Bloomingdale Park District in 1965 for the purchase price of $1. The Park District soon began to offer programming to residents.
  • Did you know, a recent Gallup survey, named Soul of the Community Survey, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, has found that people feel better about where they live and may be more entrepreneurial and productive if their community invests in parks and/or new spaces for people to gather.
  • Did you know, the same survey found the factors that most attach residents to an area are social offerings, openness and esthetics (parks, playgrounds and trails).
  • Did you know, Bloomingdale Park District Museum received the Outstanding Facility Award from the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association.
  • Did you know the Park District offers multiple walking options on its paths and at the Westfield Walking Track?
    • Circle Park- .35 miles
    • Lakeview Park- .25 miles
    • Leslie Park- .30 miles
    • Seasons 4 Park- .55 miles
    • Springfield Park- 1.1 miles
    • Westlake Park- .75 miles
    • Westfield Gym Track- 15 laps = 1mile
  • Did you know parks provide community-wide benefits such as a reduction in environmental stress, preservation of biological diversity, keeping the air clean and cultural and historical preservation?
  • Did you know studies show that communities with recreational parks and areas alleviate anti social and delinquent behavior among their youth compared to communities without recreational areas?
  • Did you know community parks (20-35 acres) can add up to 33% in to residential real estate value?
  • Did you know a gymnasium was added to the Johnston Recreation Center in 1980 with a gymnastics area and a general game area?
  • Did you know the BPD logo stands for Innovation, Quality, Reliability and Customer Care?
    Did you know the Score 6 Program was introduced in 2001 to teach young athletes the importance of good sportsmanship whether they win or lose. All coaches and at least one participant's parent is required to complete a Score 6 certification class.
  • Did you know The Oasis Water Park opened in 2005 featuring an 8-lane competitive pool, three water slides, a child's interactive playground area and more?
  • Did you know the value of a home increases up to 20% when it is facing a well-maintained neighborhood park (10-15 acres) or open space recreation area?
  • Did you know in 2001, the Bloomingdale Park District and Bloomingdale School District 13 joined forces to construct the Westfield Gymnasium?
  • Did you know, on May 2, 1964, a referendum was passed (104-10) to establish a park district and elect the following as commissioners: Joe Slater, president; Jack Sheelor, vice president; Ron Richards; Don Rottenberk; and Margaret Johnson?

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