Corporate Partnership

The Bloomingdale Park District offers a variety of opportunities for businesses to advertise, interact with residents and/or simply invest in their community. The Park District works to maximize your investment by continually helping to advance your message, mission and sales efforts.

Our team will meet with you to discuss a partnership and together we will determine if we have a good fit. We will want to

  1. know your sales and marketing needs,
  2. clarify your objectives for the partnership,
  3. understand your products/services and budget,
  4. develop promotions and generate interest around the partnership and,
  5. evaluate our progress on a regular basis.

Potential partners may consider several levels of partnership with the District. Contact Josh Hendricks for more information.

Park Partners

This is the highest level of association, and benefits can include industry exclusivity, merchandising and sales, year-round website exposure and hospitality. Your company selects one area with which to build your association and market your products/services to Bloomingdale consumers.

Official Bank Partner - Bloomingdale Bank & Trust

Bloomingdale Bank & Trust was honored as Illinois Association of Park Districts Best Friend of Illinois Parks in 2009 and 2015. Bloomingdale Bank & Trust has partnered with the Park District over the past 9-plus years; exhibiting leadership and dedication to all who reside and work in the Park District and community.

Bloomingdale Bank & Trust is a corporate sponsor of Bunny Bash, Coin Dive, Kite Fly & Touch-A-Truck, Outdoor Movie, Fall Fest and Festival of Lights.

Official Dental Partner - Eagle Falls Dentistry

Eagle Falls Dentistry, located at 183 S. Bloomingdale Road, Suite 202 in Bloomingdale, serves as the official dental partner of the Park District. The business is essential to the community's health, helping residents keep teeth functional and healthy, find and treat dental problems before they become major, and stay informed on the latest cosmetic dentistry to allow everyone to smile brightly.

Eagle Falls Dentistry also serves as a sponsor of Halloween Party, Summer Camps, Lunchtime Funtime and Festival of Lights. In 2017, they were named Best Friend of Illinois Parks - Small Business by the Illinois Association of Park Districts.


Official Health & Wellness Partner - DuPage Medical Group

DuPage Medical Group DuPage is now the state’s leading multi-specialty group practice and is committed to superior care and innovation, with a leadership structure designed to maintain balance between primary and specialty care. With more than 700 primary care and specialty physicians in more than 100 locations, DuPage Medical Group handles upwards of 2 million patient visits annually, treating about a third of DuPage County’s population. DuPage Medical Group has several locations in Bloomingdale, including its newest facility at 220 Springfield Drive.

DuPage Medical Group serves as a sponsor of Kite Fly & Touch-A-Truck, National Night Out, Fall Fest and Festival of Lights. They also advertise in the seasonal program catalog as well as in the Johnston Recreation Center and Oasis Water Park.


Advertising with the Bloomingdale Park District offers an affordable and effective way to reach local Park District residents while also supporting your community and helping to improve the quality of events and programs offered by the Park District. Ad discounts available upon request for three season ad commitments.

Advertising Rates