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Q: What is the mission of the Bloomingdale Park District?

A: Please click here to view our mission statement.

Q: What are the Park District office hours?

A: Click here for office hours.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of the most recent program brochure?

A: The brochure is mailed to all Bloomingdale residents as well as residents of certain areas of Addison, Medinah and Roselle that are included in the Bloomingdale District. You may also download the brochure from this site. Brochures also are available at the Johnston Recreation Center, 172 S. Circle Ave., in Bloomingdale.  You may want to be added to an email distribution of the brochure by providing you email to this account lonna@bloomingdaleparks.org.

Q: Why does my neighbor get his/her brochure before I do?

A: Brochures are mailed with different routes and schedules, meaning that rarely does every resident receive his/her brochure at precisely the same time.

Q: How do I register for Bloomingdale Park District programs?

A: You may register five different ways.  

1.  Mail
2.  Fax
3.  In-person at the Johnston Recreation Center
4.  Drop-off at the Johnston Recreation Center
5.  Online
To learn more about online registration CLICKING HERE. For more information on the registration process and to download copies of the registration form, simply click on registration information. Remember, fax and online registrations are for credit card payments only.

Q: Can I use my credit card to register?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card. You may also pay by debit card, personal check, cash or coupon book. Please do not send cash through the mail. You may use your credit card for fax and online registrations as well.

Q: Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?

A: No confirmation of classes will be sent. Unless the Bloomingdale Park District otherwise notifies you, you are enrolled in the program of your choice.

Q: What are your refund policies?

A: Our Program Refund Policy is as follows:

A full refund will be provided to any customer who formally requests one at least three business days prior to the first class/practice, or by the program/trip advertised deadline. All refunds will be assessed a $5.00 administrative fee. Refunds received after the program begins will be prorated and assessed the $5.00 administrative fee. Refunds requested after the completion of a program or after the advertised deadline will not be granted.

Individual programs may have specific refund guidelines. These programs include but are not limited to Kids Place, Preschool, Schools Out!, Adult Leagues, and Day Camps. Refunds will not be granted for daily admissions, drop-in fees, KFN, tickets, exhibit hanging fees, or Oasis season passes after the pool has opened for the season.

The $5.00 administrative fee will not be assessed for refunds due to low enrollment or cancelled programs, rental/party deposits, punch card refunds, or medical reasons accompanied by a physician's note. Refund requests will
be handled on a case by case basis.

Q: How can I know if a class is age-appropriate for my child?

A: Listed with every class is an age and/or grade designation that notifies interested participants the age demographics for each class or program. This designation is necessary for several reasons. First, the class or program is specifically designed for a certain age group. Second, we have found that participants enjoy and get more out of a program when interacting with peer groups of similar ages. Third, generally people feel more comfortable around people their own age and will enjoy the program in opportunities that provide this outlet. Last, concerns of safety and fair playing become issues when mixing age groups especially in youth. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter and hope you enjoy your recreational opportunities here at the Park District.

Q: Do you have an afterschool program?

A: Yes, we offer a before and after school program at Erickson, DuJardin and Winnebago schools. This program is called Kids' Place.

Q: When can I visit my child's class?

A: With your child's best interest in mind, parents are asked not to attend their child's class unless invited by the instructor. We have found that parent and/or sibling distractions, interruptions, and various other concerns have often affected the quality of instruction during class time. It is of equal importance that children have quality leisure time with their peers. Our instructors welcome the opportunity to discuss concerns with parents before or after class, time permitting.

Q: If I want to suggest a class for the Park District to offer, or if I want to teach a specific class, how do I go about doing this?

A: We welcome your suggestions and your help. You may either call the Park District at (630) 529-3650 and ask to speak to the supervisor in charge of your area of interest, or email the supervisor. For a list of board and staff names with email addresses, as well as a general email address, please click here.

Q: Are there any current job opportunities available at the Bloomingdale Park District?

A: Click here for current job opportunities.

Q: Do you have rental rooms available?

A: Yes, click here for details about facilities that are available to rent. Contact Chris Tompkins at (630) 529-3650 or chris@bloomingdaleparks.org.

Q: Who do I call concerning problems in my neighborhood park?

A: If the problem involves the maintenance of the park, please contact the Director of Parks & Planning Mesha Hadzic at (630) 339-3580 or mesha@bloomingdaleparks.org. If the problem involves safety or vandalism, please call the Bloomingdale Police Department: Emergency: 9-1-1; Non-Emergency: (630) 529-9868.

Q: I have a new address, how do I make sure the Park District has my correct information?

A: Please call the office at (630) 529-3650 to give the staff your new information, or email staff1@bloomingdaleparks.org.

Q: How do I know if classes are canceled?

A: The Bloomingdale Park District has a 3-Day Program Cancellation Policy that you can read about by clicking here. In the event that your class is cancelled, you will receive a phone call.

Q: How do I get directions to a park or facility?

A: For a map of our parks and facilities, click here. If you need additional information, please call (630) 529-3650.

Q: What are some common park policies?

A: Our Park Policies are as Follows:

  • Park hours are sunrise to sunset.
  • Vehicles are prohibited from accessing any park areas, except Park District designated parking lots.
  • Homeowners whose property is adjacent to any park are prohibited from using Park District property for personal use or for hired contractors' use.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in all Park District parks and facilities.
  • Pets are allowed in parks on paved paths only. Pets must be leashed and owners must clean up after their pets.
  • Swimming is restricted to the Park District's water park, the Oasis. Swimming in Park District ponds and lakes is prohibited.
  • Rowboats, canoes, kayaks and human-powered paddleboats are allowed in Park District ponds and lakes. The boat user must have a valid State of Illinois license for the watercraft and the boat user must register for a boat use permit from the park district ($1 resident rate; $100 non-resident rate). All motorized boats or inflatable rafts are prohibited in all Park District lakes and ponds.

Q: What does the "Lottery System" mean to me?

A: The lottery is a computerized software program that works with our current registration system. On the lottery day the software program reviews each class by code number and selects those that have enrollment levels over the maximum listed in the program guide. Any program that is over enrolled is subject to the lottery. The software program then randomly selects who will be registered for the class and who will be placed on a wait list. Those placed on the wait list are then contacted by the Park District to make alternative arrangements. Those who were selected are not contacted and can assume they are in the class.

Not all programs are subject to the lottery. If the minimum is met but the enrollment is below the maximum then the software does not complete the lottery and everyone is in the class.

Q: Is the Park District part of the Village of Bloomingdale?

A: No, the Park District is a separate taxing body.

Q: Are there volunteer opportunities at the Park District?

A: Volunteers play an important role in every public agency, and a Park District is no exception. Volunteers are need for many special events as well as Park Foundation events. Help is also needed in our gymnastics and athletic programs (coaches).

Q: Is there financial assistance available for individuals in need to pay for recreation activities?

A: Yes, the Bloomingdale Parks Foundation provides scholarships for program participation on behalf of those who normally could not afford Park District programs or classes. For more information email Sandy Vangundy.

Q: Does the Park District have insurance, and what is my liability?

A: The Park District assumes no responsibility for personal injury, accidents or loss of personal property occurring during programs or activities, in parks or facilities. All participants will be required to sign a waiver at the time of registration.

Q: When is a park permit necessary?

A: Parks are open to the public, but reservations are recommended for use of any ball fields, picnic shelters, or pavilions to ensure personal use. For a park shelter or sport field rental and rental rates,  please visit this page for the permit process.

Q: How do I know I am a resident of the Bloomingdale Park District?

A: Check your tax bill, or call the Bloomingdale Park District at (630) 529-3650.

Q: What is the tax rate of the district and how are taxes used?

A: Contact the county assessor or park district director of finance for the current tax rate. Taxes are used to operate the Park District, maintain all of the land, open space, and facilities and offer the recreation programs. Only approximately 6% of your total tax bill goes to the Park District.

Q: Does the Bloomingdale Park District have programs for active adults?

A: Currently there are many adult programs that active adults can participate in including fitness and dance classes, art and cooking classes, trips, and general programs. Look for the "price tag symbol" with an S next to many of our programs to receive a 20% discount for residents 62 years of age and better.

Q: How do I find out golf programs or the golf course?

A: The Village of Bloomingdale operates the Bloomingdale Golf Club. You may inquire about golf related activities by contacting BGC at (630) 529-6232.

Q: How can I get information about the Bloomingdale Park District Museum?

A: You can get information about Bloomingdale Park District Museum in your program guide or by calling the Museum at (630) 539-3096.

Q: When is Open Gym, and for whom?

A: For details about Open Gym, please click here.

Q: Who do I contact for Youth Athletics?

A: The Bloomingdale Park District mission regarding youth athletics is that all participants play in a safe and fun atmosphere, and that the leadership of each athletic organization keep this mission in mind at all times. If you would like information regarding any of the athletic organizations in Bloomingdale, please feel free to call the respective contacts all of which may be found here.

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