Westlake Park Sponsor: Simmons Knife & Saw

Simmons Knife & Saw
Westlake Park Sponsor: Simmons Knife & Saw


Simmons Knife & Saw became the official Adopt-A-Park sponsor of Westlake Park in 2019. The company, located near the park at 400 Regency Drive in Glendale Heights, has an impressive record of supporting the community. Most recently, approximately 30 volunteers from Simmons Knife & Saw assisted in cleaning up trash, raking sticks and leaves, digging out tree rings, mulching new trees, and more at Westlake Park.

About Simmons Knife & Saw

Since 1946, Simmons Knife & Saw has been a supplier of unique blades. Simmons Engineering Corporation supplies cutting edge technology and unique blades to industry. World class quality in manufacturing, innovation in design and product development, and exceptional customer service have become Simmons’ trademarks as the company continues to meet constantly changing user demands worldwide.

Simmons uses the highest quality steel available to manufacture its extensive selection of sizes and edge types. Ongoing process enhancements and the use of product and quality advancements keep Simmons leading the competition and at the forefront of the cutting edge technology. All of this leads to Simmons being the right partner for your cutting needs. 

Arbor Day

The Inaugural Arbor Day with Simmons Knife & Saw was held May 18, 2019 at Westlake Park. Approximately 30 volunteers helped clean up trash, rake sticks and leaves, dig out tree rings, mulch newly-planted trees and more.