Giving Tree

This program offers individuals, organizations or community businesses the opportunity to purchase trees as a gift for someone special, memory of a loved one, or a cost-effective means of advertising. A variety of unique trees are available for purchase and planting in the park of your choice. 

All trees purchased through the Giving Tree Program are recorded with an engraved leaf on the Giving Tree display located in the lobby of the JRC, and an engraved leaf on a post in front of the donated tree.

Donors may choose the park where the tree is to be planted; however, it is at the Park District's discretion as to the site location of each planting. Trees may be purchased anytime throughout the year; however, planting only takes place in the spring and fall.

Giving Trees can be planted in any BPD park.
Trees are guaranteed for the first year after purchase. In the event your tree dies, a new tree of same size and variety as originally planted, will be planted by the Park District.

For more information on the Giving Tree Program, contact Joe Potts at (630) 339-3580.

 Giving Tree pamphlet.