PARK DISTRICT REMAINS CLOSED THROUGH APRIL 30 In accordance with the extension of Illinois' stay-at-home order, the Bloomingdale Park District remains closed through April 30.…
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Reporting Cougar/Large Cat Sightings

From the Bloomingdale Police Department regarding Cougar/Large Cat Sightings.
1. It is not uncommon for these types of animals to pass through this area and there is no known reason to believe there is any danger at this time.

2. Any person wishing to do so can go on the Village of Bloomingdale website, and from the homepage they can search "report a sighting". They will be directed to a page on which they can report the sighting (it will say "report a coyote sighting", but they can report the mountain lion sighting as well). This will allow the village's wildlife specialist to track the patterns of the animal's movements.

3. When these incidents have occurred in the past, animal control and DNR representatives have advised us that these migrations are normal and in normal circumstances there is no cause for alarm.

Direct Link to the sighting page:
Posted January 18, 2019 at 12:56 PM