UPDATE - Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations The Bloomingdale Park District has the following updates due to Illinois moving into Tier 3 of the Restore Illinois Resurgence on November 20.…
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Tompkins Park Playground Renovation

The Tompkins Park playground will undergo a renovation as part of the Park District's 2015-16 capital asset replacement plan. The park is scheduled to receive a replacement, farm-themed playground in 2016.

Bloomingdale’s origins are of an agricultural nature, and this project celebrates its storied past. In collaboration with the Bloomingdale Historical Society, this renovation also is to include some interpretive signage near the playground.

Timeline of significant events in the replacement.
  • September 10, 2015 - Residents invited to an open house to view new play structures and select activity panels.
  • December 14-18, 2015 - Removal of the playground structures. Silt fence and construction fence installed. Sand and wood mulch removed.
  • January, 2016 - Concrete work to begin. late December and/or early January.
  • April/May, 2016 - Installation to finish
  • May 7, 2016 - Grand Opening

“The Park Board of Commissioners and staff of the Bloomingdale Park District are thrilled to bring this exciting new playground to Tompkins Park for children ages 2-12 to enjoy!” said Park District Executive Director Carrie A. Fullerton, CPRE.


Posted December 21, 2015 at 9:45 AM