Welcome to Phase 5 (with restrictions)

Published 6/11/2021

Welcome to Phase 5 (with restrictions)

With the entry into Phase 5, the Bloomingdale Park District is fully open with no capacity restrictions. There are, however, still some face covering restrictions.

Programs with Children Under 12

  • For indoor programs and rooms with children under the age of 12, face coverings are required for all involved until a vaccine is available.
  • For outdoor programs with children under the age of 12, children and staff may remove masks while outside and maintaining social distancing.

Unvaccinated Rules

  • While indoors, those who are not fully vaccinated should wear a face covering and social distance.
  • While outdoors, those not fully vaccinated are encouraged to wear a face covering when they cannot socially distance.
  • An unvaccinated person should wear a face covering inside and out in crowded settings.

Fully Vaccinated Rules

  • While indoors and outdoors, those who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a face covering or social distance.


  • We will continue to encourage everyone to wear a face covering in our facility and social distance if they prefer.

Honor System

  • For your protection and the safety of all patrons, the Park District expects your cooperation with masking.

Subject to Change

  • We will continue to monitor updated resources, guidelines, and rules related to COVID-19 safety.

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