Date: Thursday, November 4, 2021
Time: 5-5:45P

This class offers students the basic understanding of attack and defense in fencing. Register with family members or friends to increase the fun! Additional family members can receive a 50% discount when registering together. Instructor considers the height and ability of each fencer. Fencing is one of the few sports that already practices social distancing. However, due to the contagious and asymptotic nature of coronavirus, fencers must choose to rent personal equipment for the session or to purchase their own basic set (est. $140). This is also true for additional family members who received a 50% discount on registration fees. To rent a personal set of equipment, contact Fencing Sports Club on voice only number 630-678-0035 to share body size and then you will simply attend the first class of the beginner session. When you rent a set, no one is guaranteed perfect fitting club equipment. The set given to our fencer is at the discretion of the instructor. If you prefer to purchase a personal beginner set, the club is happy to quickly assist with ordering from Blue Gauntlet. Participant must attend first class with their new set in hand. At the end of session, you may have the club buy your equipment at 50% of purchase price.

Fencing-Swordplay  (Code# #102382)  and is located under Youth Fitness & Sports on the registration site.

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