Tommy Gun’s Garage

When: 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Where: Roselle Park District

Tommy Gun’s Garage is an audience interactive speakeasy that offers a musical comedy review with gangsters, flappers and you. After a delicious lunch, join Vito, Gloves and Da Gangsters and Da Flappers for non-stop and dangerous fun. You will be transported back to the 1920’s complete with Da Boss, a 1928 Model Ford, roaring twenties music and memorabilia from the twenties. Da Mugs and Da molls dance and sing the Charleston and other musical selections from Cole Porter to George Gershwin, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and more. Be careful, you could get pulled up on stage at any time to perform a sobriety test by Officer Murphy. When registering, please choose one of the following entrees: prime rib (cooked to order), boneless breast of chicken (lemon herb or mushroom sauce) or lasagna (meat or meatless). This trip picks up at the Clauss Recreation Center. Registration deadline is July 5.