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Score 6

A Character Counts-based program for coaches and parents

The Bloomingdale Park District is excited to show continued support for the CHARACTER COUNTS!-based certification program for coaches, parents, officials and children called Score 6. This program incorporates the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship, into youth sports. The primary goal of the program is to build character through these Six Pillars while teaching the fundamentals of the sport.

This program has been implemented in hopes that the main focus of youth sports is placed on fun instead of winning at all costs. We realize that winning is important – to an extent. However, we need to make sure that the rules of the game are followed and the players, coaches, officials and opponents are respected at all times. We need to focus more on teaching our young players how to win with honor and lose with dignity and pride. The outcome is to keep the "fun" in sports!

Parental involvement and cooperation are essential to the success of this program. Parents and coaches are required to attend a Score 6 meeting and sign a code of character. Athletes are not allowed to participate until at least one of their parents has attended a Score 6 meeting. The program is completely free and lasts approximately one hour. This program was designed to impact all sports programs. Therefore, once you become certified you are not required to attend another meeting.

Parents and coaches may choose from any of the meeting dates listed below. We appreciate your cooperation with the Park District and are looking forward to seeing you at one of the Score 6 meetings listed below. Thank you for your continued support and remember character does count in youth sports in Bloomingdale!

Parents and coaches may attend a Score 6 meeting at any time, even if they are not currently involved in a youth sport. Attendance is required for the entire session. Late arrivals will not be admitted. Early departures do not receive credit for attending. 

Score 6 Meeting Dates/Times
 DateDayTimeLocationCode #
June 10W6:30PMJRC403305-A1
July 8W6:30PMJRC403305-A2
August 12W6:30PMJRC403305-A3
 September 9W6:30PMJRC103313-A1
October 7 W6:30PMJRC103313-A2
November 11W6:30PMJRC103313-A3
December 9W6:30PMJRC103313-A4

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